PrestaShop Hostings Compared: From Cheap to Best

PrestaShop Hostings Compared: From Cheap to Best

Every ecommerce store starts with hosting, and PrestaShop is no exception. However, suppose you are running a local-only store. In that case, you don’t need this article - the cheapest and fastest hosting platform is most likely already exists in your region.

What would be the best PrestaShop hosting for worldwide ecommerce? We recommend A2Hosting, but BlueHost can be another good alternative. Both hostings have all you need to start: great speed, money back guaranteed, daily backups, one-click install, and more.

Read on if you are interested in comparing the four most popular hosting platforms.

What is Cheapest PrestaShop Hosting

Here are the prices for the four most popular hosting platforms:

Provider Price
Bluehost 7.77 USD/month
A2Hosting 6.99 USD/month
Ionos 6 USD/month
Hostinger 2.99 USD/month

Please note that hosting providers tend to “fake” cheap prices covering them under yearly discounts.

Hosting providers usually show prices without VAT and offer VAT prices only in the checkout process, so all the prices you see on the landing page - are higher once you try to purchase.

Best PrestaShop Hosting Plans

Cheap hosting means less disk space, control, and lower limits. So here are the same hostings platforms compared based on what you get:

Provider Price Features
Bluehost 10.36 USD/month Unlimited sites, bandwidth, and disk space
A2Hosting 12.99 USD/month Unlimited sites, bandwidth, and disk space
Hostinger 10.29 USD/month 100 websites, 100 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth
Ionos 10 USD/month Unlimited sites, bandwidth, and disk space

As you can see, prices would be a bit above 10 USD/month, but Hostinger is very limited. I don’t advise hosting there because it is easy to reach limits in a few years of actively building store content.

A2Hosting - probably the best PrestaShop hosting
A2Hosting - probably the best PrestaShop hosting

Why Not To Host PrestaShop on BlueHost

BlueHost pays high affiliate commissions, and it is the reason why so many bloggers do recommend them. This article is an honest review, so we don’t do that here.

BlueHost is a great hosting platform, but you will notice that they will be the slowest of all four hosting providers. PrestaShop is not a super-optimized platform, so you should care about the speed.

Why Not To Host PrestaShop on Ionos

Ionos is a certified partner of PrestaShop, but its service does not work in many European countries (including countries from outside Europe). So you might even end up without the possibility to register there.

Differences Between Shared, Dedicated, And VPS Hosting

You might read on the internet that there are differences between shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting.

Before 2020 I would probably recommend only dedicated and VPS hostings, but they both cost the most money. Also, for VPS hosting, you manage more things, which means you spend more of your time doing the setup.

While shared hosting was slower (as server resources are shared between multiple websites), it was way cheaper because of this. Nowadays, hosting providers have shared hosting. They rarely expose this as current hardware makes communicating seamless (it is fast and hard to differentiate from dedicated or VPS speed). So choose shared hosting for your small to medium-size ecommerce business.


I compared the four most popular hosting providers and decided that only two are worth your time - A2Hosting and Bluehost. Costs and features are very similar.

You can find more great tips in our PrestaShop blog.