PrestaShop vs. Wix

PrestaShop vs. Wix

Wix is a SAAS (Software As A Service) platform and the second-biggest competitor to PrestaShop (Shopify is the first one).

Wix is excellent, but you need to be aware of the store with this platform.

In this article, I will explore Wix’s strengths and weaknesses compared to PrestaShop.

Biggest Wix Strengths When Compared To PrestaShop

Wix is not a self-hosted platform but an ecommerce service.

Wix landing page
Wix landing page

This means that by choosing Wix, you don’t need to host your store anywhere. So you don’t need to pay for hosting.

Upgrades is probably one of the biggest strengths for Wix. Unfortunately, the PrestaShop upgrade is a bit of a headache. Users constantly complain about updates breaking store or incompatibilities between versions.

Wix is an online service, so your store will be online and constantly updated with the recent platform version. You don’t have to do any upgrades yourself.

Wix has Android and iPhone apps. Most likely, PrestaShop won’t offer you any of those in the future. But of course, both platforms are responsive, so you can still manage things from your mobile just by using the browser.

PrestaShop Is Cheaper Than Wix

Wix is paid platform, starting from 4.50 USD/mo.

But with the minor account, you will have ads displayed on your store. Awful, right?

Also 500 MB disk size limit might be a challenge for some as it is easy to reach this amount of disk space.

So the minimal plan you should be using costs 8.50 USD/mo.

PrestaShop is free, but you are still forced to pay for hosting. Hosting can be as low as 3 USD, but that won’t be a significant saving.

Plugins In Wix vs. PrestaShop

Wix calls their plugins “Apps.” And they are costly compared to PrestaShop.

Wix apps market holds 250+ Apps (plugins) while PrestaShop has over 4k.

With PrestaShop, you immediately know how many addons will cost and that fee is one time.

With Wix, prices for addons (apps) are hidden under a free trial, and after that, you will pay a monthly fee. So when you use 5-10 addons - Wix will be costly.

Dashboard And CRM In Wix vs. PrestaShop

PrestaShop has a friendly Dashboard where you, as a store owner, can look daily to see how healthy your store is or how things are going.

The same with CRM (Customer Relationships Management), where you can communicate with your customers straight from the back office to resolve queries.

Wix does not offer you Dashboard or CRM capabilities.

UI In Wix vs. PrestaShop

Most online polls done about UI (User Interface) of back-office suggest Wix be a clear winner. The admin interface is clean, simple, and easier to use.

PrestaShop has so many menu items, buttons, and controls that it might be tricky to find this or that. But trust me, after using it for two months, everything will feel “native” in PrestaShop.

Translations Wix vs. PrestaShop

Ig might be surprising to hear that Wix is translated to over 100 languages, while Prestashop is only to 75.

But PrestaShop is a few times bigger, so it is harder to translate. I think that is reasonable.

So check the languages list for Wix and PrestaShop before launching. Consider using the platform (or theme) translated to your local language if you have a local store.

Chat In PrestaShop vs. Wix

Wix has a native chat feature which is fantastic, and I always recommend if customers’ staff can be online most of the day - they should be using the online store.

I saw in my career that having a chat can bring conversions up a bit. That’s because users are usually afraid to call the shop to ask questions, but they are not afraid to ask questions by writing.

Unfortunately, the mail is very slow to have a conversation. With a simple chat solution, you can answer questions quickly, leading to customers being more likely to buy from your store because they haven’t yet visited any competitors.

API In PrestaShop vs. Wix

Wix has an API that you can use to control content (products, texts, settings) from other sources than Wix admin.

Or you can use API to automate things in your Wix store.

PrestaShop does not have an official API (yet), but some paid addons allow you to do almost the same things in PrestaShop. API addons are paid and cost you about 100 USD (one-time payment).

Customizations In PrestaShop vs. Wix

Suppose marketing plays a vital role in your business. In that case, you can’t stay at Wix because they do not allow you to customize your store to inject codes from popular marketing sources (Google Ads, mouse flow tracking, etc.).

With PrestaShop, it is easy to add custom JavaScript/HTML code and track everything on your store.


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