WordPress and PrestaShop Can Be Compared!

WordPress and PrestaShop Can Be Compared!

When dealing with inexperienced customers who are starting an ecommerce store, the question you usually hear is: what should I choose - PrestaShop or WordPress?

The question is so common because almost 40% of internet sites are built with WordPress. But from the technical point of view, they are on very different levels: WordPress is a blogging platform, PrestaShop is an ecommerce platform.

But these days, the question is valid, and I think we can compare those.

When to choose WordPress and when PrestaShop

Both WordPress and PrestaShop will have the same learning curve. This means that you or your customers will spend the same amount learning to use the system.

They are both open-source and free to modify and have many plugins, themes, customizations, and features.

But WordPress is a blogging platform, and all other customizations are done using plugins. That means that if you want to start ecommerce with WordPress - that is possible with dedicated plugins. The most popular plugin for WordPress ecommerce is WooCommerce.

We even have an article comparing WooCommerce to PrestaShop for curious minds.

Here is a short table showing how similar WordPress and PrestaShop is:

Feature WordPress PrestaShop
Open source Yes Yes
Completely free Yes Yes
Cheap hosting expenses Yes Yes
Cloud hosting solutions Yes Yes
Thousands of plugins Yes Yes
Thousands of themes Yes Yes
Big community Yes Yes
Over ten years in development Yes Yes
Paid support solutions Yes Yes
Growing popularity Yes Yes
Great performance Yes Yes

When to Choose PrestaShop vs. WordPress

As mentioned earlier, PrestaShop is an ecommerce platform having multiple ranges of features:

  • Lots of payment methods
  • Lots of warehouse, shipping, delivery features
  • Lots of support currencies and localization options
  • Multilanguage
  • Multi-store (meaning you can have one back office for multiple stores/domains)

So PrestaShop will be the best if you have any of the following problems:

  • You have tons of products.
  • You have complex shipping or delivering workflow.
  • You need lots of customizations or workflows.
  • You have stores in multiple locations.
  • You provide worldwide ecommerce.

If you are planning to have a blog with lots of articles or a very tiny shop (with less than 100 items) - WordPress might be a great choice!

Why Comparing PrestaShop and WordPress Is A Bad Thing

PrestaShop is an ecommerce platform. It was built as an online store initially, while WordPress was a blog engine built from the start.

Both platforms haven’t changed to anything else. The only way to change their core functionality is to use plugins. Both have lots of plugins.

I cannot imagine anything better for ecommerce than PrestaShop. Still, all the blogging definitely should be done with WordPress.

Not sure about PrestaShop? See our article about trying PrestaShop demo.

Default PrestaShop v1.8 Homepage
Default PrestaShop v1.8 Homepage


This was a concise comparison of PrestaShop and WordPress. I covered in much more detail other platforms, which you can read about in PrestaShop comparison to other platforms blog.