Why Guest Checkout Is A Must Have In PrestaShop

Guest checkout is an amazing feature that I always recommend to my clients. For the last ten years, I have been helping other companies set up their e-commerce stores with this feature.

However, oftentimes, customers disagree with this advice thinking that fake and spammy orders will increase.

We all know how reality can be different from what we expected. Let me explain why, and I will also talk about some other things that might surprise you!

Why PrestaShop Guest Checkout Is A Good Thing

The percentage of users who do not want to register on any site is enormous. I don’t own any research, however, I have found that many users still do not want to register on the site and use the guest checkout option instead. This can range anywhere from 10% all way up to 30%.

Guest checkout visible in PrestaShop order form
Guest checkout visible in PrestaShop order form

The reason is obvious — they’re only looking at the products. They don’t see themselves coming back again in a few months or years.

I do use guest checkout myself. Guest checkout is a great option for those who don’t have time to browse the site and catch up on their favorite stores. It’s just not worth registering with another account when you can buy what you want right away and move on. So it is highly recommended to always have guest checkout enabled.

How To Enable PrestaShop Guest Checkout

To enable PrestaShop Guest Checkout, go to the back office, click on Shop Parameters → Order Settings, and toggle the button Enable guest checkout.

How To Make Guest Checkout in PrestaShop
How To Make Guest Checkout in PrestaShop

By default, this toggle should be enabled from PrestaShop v1.7 version. But double-check just in case.

The guest checkout option works excellently with one-page checkout modes and with step-by-step checkout.

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