PrestaShop Alternatives To Explore

There are plenty of other e commerce platforms out there that you might want to explore, even if PrestaShop is a great option. It’s free and actively developed with an active community around it! However I recommend checking out some others too- things will vary depending on what your needs for the future.

Based on experience, I saw owners switch from PrestaShop to another and vice versa. So what are the other platforms to consider? Let us expound more on the following alternatives:

Shopify PrestaShop Alternative

The Shopifys’ cloud based nature means there’s no installation process necessary; just sign up for an account and the pay monthly fees. This is a great platform to consider if you don’t need any unique store customization or doing something complex. However, it does not allow users access custom features- they are limited on what can be done with the app itself.

Deep comparison of Shopify vs. PrestaShop

PrestaShop alternative - Shopify
PrestaShop alternative – Shopify

WooCommerce PrestaShop Alternative

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. Like PrestaShop, it is free, but you have to take care of design, installation, and hosting. Because it is a WordPress plugin, you also get a blog platform.

Deep comparison of WooCommerce vs. PrestaShop

WooCommerce WordPress plugin
WooCommerce WordPress plugin

Magento PrestaShop Alternative

Magento is the biggest PrestaShop competitor. Features bundle is very similar to what PrestaShop offers, except that it contains fewer plugins and themes.

Deep comparison of Magento vs. PrestaShop

Magento is the most popular PrestaShop alternative
Magento is the most popular PrestaShop alternative

More Comparison

On the internet, you might find other alternatives suggestions like BigCommerce. However, from my experience, those systems are very different and usually lack many features PrestaShop offers.

That’s why I only suggest choosing from three of my favorites.

You can compare PrestaShop to other platforms in our blog.