Edit About Us And Other Pages In PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a great way for store owners to make their online presence known. They can create pages about the company, such as an About Us page with information on what makes them special or contact info in case you have any questions!

Learn how to edit them and know what benefits you can get to achieve better SEO for your store.

In this article, I will discuss the following:

How To Edit Pages In PrestaShop

Static pages can be managed in the back office by going to Design → Pages.

How to edit static pages in PrestaShop
How to edit static pages in PrestaShop

At the bottom, you will see pages that belong to a Home category (landing pages).

How to edit category pages in PrestaShop
How to edit category pages in PrestaShop

If you need to create lots of new pages, be sure to make some related categories first. For example, dedicated landing pages are a great way to promote content and lead your visitors into dedicated shopping pages.

I recommend my customers to create the category “Legal” and place the following pages:

  • Legal Notice
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Payments
How to edit PrestaShop categories
How to edit PrestaShop categories

This way, if you want to update related things – everything will go under the same category.

Best Practices For Editing PrestaShop CMS Pages

If you go to static pages management in the back office → Design → Pages and click on to edit page, you will see the content update page.

Editing pages in PrestaShop
Editing pages in PrestaShop

For Title and Page Content, write meaningful information. Write up-to-the-point information that is related to the content you are describing. You do not need to write lengthy information here. This page does not require load of information so just write what is necessary and direct to the point.

Don’t make false promises to your customers. Your SEO preview block should be straightforward and easy-to read, so that people can quickly get an idea of what they’re seeing when browsing Google without any filters or curated results.

Google no longer uses meta keywords in their algorithm, but they are still used by some other search engines. Search engine today determine the content type from article itself so you don’t have to list anything as a keyword!

Avoid long URLs for a Friendly URL field. They will be cut off on search results pages and make your site look bad! Instead, use a short list that is easy-to read with 3 – 5 words max per entry

You might think that Indexation by search engines input should always be on. In fact – no, you should leave it to YES only for relevant and valuable pages. Pages like Privacy, Policy, Terms and Conditions, and similar do not provide any value to your visit.


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