Best PrestaShop Forums to Participate or Get Help

When you can’t find the answer to your questions straight on Google, Community of ecommerce shop owners and developers could help. Some sources report that the PrestaShop official forum has lots of members but is not really very active. I have been participating in other PrestaShop forums and can say that there are better forum resources to try. However, the official site is not very active which makes it hard for you to actually find someone with answers to your questions.

In this article, you will learn more of the different forums:

Official PrestaShop Forum

The official forum can be found at

If you are thinking of registering on some forum and asking a few questions about ecommerce or store setup, this is the best place to start.

If you’re living in America, your chances of getting a response from us might be slim because most questions are asked during the European day time.

Most people who ask stuff on this site come from countries like Europe and Asia-Pacific where traffic is heavy throughout most days; unfortunately for those everywhere else it could take some time before they hear back about their inquiry.

What I found very frustrating in this forum is how many times people are asking questions that have already been answered. It feels like users don’t search to check if the question has already been asked before posting.

Forum Presta

The second choice on the list is This is the place where I discourage my clients from registering because this forum is dead.

It contains 200 posts, and probably about 90% of the content is spammy content (where the question is created just to promote its own addon).

So skip it.

Quora for PrestaShop

Quora is not a forum. It is more like a knowledge-sharing platform.

It is a very active platform when talking about PrestaShop-related questions.

All PrestaShop-related questions can be asked in Quora Topic about PrestaShop.

Watch out for spam, as this is an excellent source for SEO promotion. It means that a lot of answers you will read will be promotions for some products to buy.

For example, you will ask about a problem – and somebody will suggest paid addon to buy to solve that problem.

This is the place you probably want to register.

PrestaShop Forum on Facebook

There is a PrestaShop forum group on Facebook.

You might want to join here if you are a PrestaShop developer because this group allows you to promote your addons.

But if you are a PrestaShop consumer (store owner) – you won’t get help here. Nobody bothers to read or reply to messages here; even a forum is created for PrestaShop users.

More PrestaShop Help

We hope that with are few resources, you will find what you are looking for. If not – you can contact us directly or browser other PrestaShop articles on our blog.