Customizing PrestaShop Invoices

The invoices that your customers will receive are usually in a PDF format and can be easily previewed from your Orders section. Sometimes, you might want to make some adjustments to how it looks – this article is all about those changes!

Modifying invoices is a great way to promote your store and get more customers. For example, if you have included discount codes in the past then it would be perfect for this idea too!

In this article, I will explore the following:

Useful PrestaShop Invoices Settings

Let’s explore the PrestaShop Invoices configuration found at the back office → Order → Invoices page.

PrestaShop invoice management page
PrestaShop invoice management page

Here are some options I recommend to turn on for my customers:

Enable invoices
You must send invoices to customers, that’s the law in every country
Invoice Prefix
Any value you want
Prefix it with the shop name acronym or something
Add the current year to the invoice number
YesThis helps a lot with the search when your store has been online for

3-5 years

Reset sequential invoice number at the beginning of the year
NoHard to keep track of the invoices after a few years

Other options like “Legal free text” or “Footer text,” can be used to thank your customer for shopping in your store.

How To Edit PrestaShop Invoice Layout

There are no ways to modify the PrestaShop invoice template in the back office, so you will need to jump into the file system and adjust invoice.tpl file.

You might need to hire a developer to do that if you don’t know HTML essentials. Finally, make a backup of that file if you make a mistake – you will be able to restore it later.


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