PrestaShop Maintenance Mode With Some Best Practices

Maintenance Mode in Prestashop is a useful tool to use when you’re just starting out and don’t want your store indexed by search engines. It is highly recommended to always start in this mode (with a few other tips) and just disable it until you are ready to launch your store.

In this article, I will share a few valuable tips to get you started with your store:

How to Enable Maintenance Mode in PrestaShop

Log in to your back office, click on Shop Parameters, then General menu item.

On the opened page, click Maintenance, and you will arrive at the settings page.

Toggle to enable PrestaShop maintenance mode
Toggle to enable PrestaShop maintenance mode

Checkbox on the top of the form “Enable Shop” is the toggle you were looking for. Setting to NO will enable maintenance mode. Nobody will be able to browser catalog, make orders, and view static pages.

IP Address Limitation for PrestaShop Maintenance Mode

How would you access the store yourself after the maintenance mode is enabled? Simply add IP or multiple IP addresses of your staff members.

IP addresses for PrestaShop store maintenance page skip
IP addresses for PrestaShop store maintenance page skip

Listed IP addresses will see normal store. Other users will see maintenance page.

How to Find Your IP Address

To learn the IP address of your browser/computer, go to Google and type “my IP”. It will display an IP address you can use on the PrestaShop maintenance page.

In Maintenance IP input, you can list multiple IP addresses (when you have a few or more staff members), separate them by a comma.

How to Disable Maintenance Mode in PrestaShop

To disable PrestaShop maintenance mode and launch your store, go to the back office, click Shop Parameters, General menu item, and select Maintenance tab.

How to fgure out your IP address straight from the Google Results page
How to figure out your IP address straight from the Google Results page

On the opened page, make sure Enable Shop checkbox is set to YES.

How to Enable/Disable Maintenance Mode from the PrestaShop Database

If for some reasons, you can’t access your settings to launch your store or have other needs and you can only do this from the database level – do not worry, it’s still easy!

In your database administration tool like PHPMyAdmin, open configuration database table (ps_configuration or similar), find entry PS_SHOP_ENABLE, and set it to 1 (number one).

How to Edit PrestaShop Maintenance Mode Design

It is not that easy to edit the maintenance mode page template for PrestaShop, but still possible if you have some programming background (at least HTML).

Every theme in the themesfolder will contain the maintenance.tpl page. This file holds HTML code for that page, and you are free to customize it.

Some addons could make maintenance mode customizations from the back office, but they cost 40-80 USD. It’s not worth it since why your users might care much about a store that is not yet launched?

Save your money and better buy one-page checkout or clean URLs addon instead.

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