Tools To Automate PrestaShop Marketing

Once you launch your store – marketing will be the first scary thing you will have to face.

Fortunately, there are many ways to automate your marketing, and Prestashop is the best e-commerce solution for that.

In this article, I will explore some tools you can use for marketing automation. I will also expound on the following:

PrestaShop Analytics

No matter what you build, analytics will be the first thing you have to set up for every website you own.

Fortunately, Google Analytics is a free service you can use to track your visitors. But to make it even better, you can install the Google search console service, which will read the reports for you about search square performed at the access your store.

Google Analytics setup with PrestaShop is explained in a separate article.

PrestaShop Sitemap

Technically you don’t need to own a site map because Google (and other search engines) will scrape your site whether you have a sitemap or not.

But for marketing automation, having a real-time sitemap is a must.

Setting up a sitemap is easy and free. Check our blog article for that.

PrestaShop Newsletters

Sending newsletters can be a great way to promote your products online. In addition, you can send your subscribers special discounts or offers. Which in turn converts into more sales.

Mailchimp is a great platform to handle all your newsletters.

You can use the Mailchimp popup addon to display promotions and special discount codes for your visitors.

PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Addon
PrestaShop Newsletter Popup Addon

PrestaShop Sales Funnel

Earlier suggested using Google Analytics and Google search console for visitor tracking. But managing the sales funnel is another big challenge.

Users accessing your store walk through multiple pages (starting from a product page and ending with the checkout success page). That is the sales funnel, and you have to make sure it is well-optimized.

Optimized means that users dropping from one page to another is not significant. You do not need to wait to see this information with the default PrestaShop installation, and there are add-ons for that.

PrestaShop Sales Funnel Addon can identify issues in your sales funnel automatically!

PrestaShop Sales Funnel Addon
PrestaShop Sales Funnel Addon

PrestaShop Social Platforms

To be honest, I have never realized e-commerce would perform great on social platforms like Facebook.

The problem with social platforms is that they are inclined more toward engagement purposes than product advertisement. But, of course, social media can work for special discounts or maybe for the voting game.

I think Buffer is a great tool to automate your online social life.


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