Best Must Have PrestaShop Modules for 2022

PrestaShop is absolutely free and the only payment you need to make is for some hosting. You don’t even need to buy any addon or theme for PrestaShop. Just because you think you might need it.

I have been in the PrestaShop development business since 2012 and achieved some experience to recommend specific set of addons in categories: SEO, marketing, customers acquisition, usability, productivity, and more.

In this article, we will explore the following.

PrestaShop Must Have Modules For SEO

PrestaShop gives you the best SEO setup to start for free:

  • Meta title and description management
  • Sitemap generation
  • Friendly URLs
  • Great and easy to follow navigation
  • Non-technical documentation
  • Youtube  tutorial videos to learn PrestaShop
  • Automatic redirects
  •  Caching engine to speed up your project
  •  Lots of integrations  and many more

But here are a few addons to consider.

PrestaShop SEO URLs Without ID

As you know, PrestaShop always includes numbers at the end of every product URL you have. This number is called – ID (identifier).

In the database, you might have lots of products that have the same or very similar title. ID is a unique identifier used by PrestaShop to determine which product user wants to view.

Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of that number with native PrestaShop installation. But you can remove IDs by using special plugins.

There are some unofficial addons to remove IDs from URLs.

SEO Friendly URLs
PrestaShop SEO Friendly URLs Addon

PrestaShop Blog

A blog can contain helpful articles for your customers. Helpful articles can promote your products or just be a lead magnet for your services. However, blogging takes time. So only install a blog if you are willing to write something every week, around 1000-3000 words.

We have a PrestaShop Blog Addon which is optimized for SEO

SEO blog
PrestaShop Blog Addon

PrestaShop Must-Have Modules For Sales

If your store has a healthy SEO (a good number of daily organic visits) – you can focus on sales.

PrestaShop One Page Checkout Addon

The fewer steps in your checkout process – the better. I advise every PrestaShop client I have – to reduce the entire checkout process to a bare minimum.

With every additional input or step in your checkout, you risk having a conversation drop. Conversation drop is the number of people that start the checkout process, but due to various reasons – never finish.

Simplify your checkout process with PrestaShop One Page Checkout Addon.

One page Checkout
One page checkout PrestaShop Addon

PrestaShop Sales Funnel Addon

The most important metric for your marketing staff is conversion. So you got to have some metrics to analyze that.

This metric is called the “sales funnel.” It shows which page your users decide to “drop” and not finish the purchase process.

You can analyze this metric with PrestaShop Sales Funnel Addon.

Prestashop Sales Funnel
Prestashop Sales Funnel Addon

It has a built-in recommendation system for anomaly detection. It suggests what actions to take when something looks off on your metrics.

PrestaShop Newsletter Addon

This might be unsuitable for some of you, but usually, Newsletters could be a good product promotion strategy. It motivates your subscribers to do one of two (or both!) things:

  1. Send discounts with Newsletters
  2. Send special offers that are only for subscribers

Between the two, the second option works great, but be sure that your visitors do not see your special offer elsewhere – like on the homepage banner.

The exclusive deal is not exclusive anymore if it can be found on the homepage as a simple banner.

One of the great newsletter popup addons is PrestaShop Mailchimp Newsletters

It is trendy to promote your newsletter, saying that you will give a 5% discount directly in your checkout process. Conversion here is insane!

Other Must-Have PrestaShop Modules

There are a few other addons that are not SEO or Marketing that I recommend a lot.

This addon helps your site be “compatible” with EU law which says that you must inform your customers that your store uses a technology called “cookies” to track your customers.

PrestaShop uses this tracking technology by default. However, you can’t disable it as “cookies” are a must to keep the entire checkout process working.

Simple and powerful addon for PrestaShop EU Cookies Law

PrestaShop EU Cookies
PrestaShop EU Cookies Addon

PrestaShop Abandoned Carts Reminder

With the abandoned carts email reminder addon, you can restore up to 20% of your lost sales (according to random sources from the internet).

I saw another excellent marketing tactic used with this one – by emailing some discount code (usually about 5%) with a cart reminder email. Try it out!

PrestaShop Reviews Addon

If your store already has many purchases – you must have review add-ons.

Usually, review addons include particular search engine snippets to display on the Google search results page. Also, reviews give additional trust to your store.

Try out some PrestaShop Reviews Addons.

What are Prestashop Review Addons
List of available PrestaShop Review addons

PrestaShop FAQ Addon

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a typical plugin for PrestaShop where you list the most common questions about your business and products. And of course – you answer them in one place.

I advise my PrestaShop store customers to constantly update their FAQ with questions received during customer calls or emails.

Great PrestaShop FAQ Addon for your products.

Product FAQ
Product FAQ Addon


There are lots of great addons in EShopAddons PrestaShop Marketplace.

Be sure to check out other helpful tips in our PrestaShop Blog.