PrestaShop SEO Tips For 2022

Back in the day, SEO was hard to master. Especially when talking about ecommerce. Mainly because of ecommerce content – it is not valuable as SEO content and products have only one goal in mind – to cover buyer search intent.

It is easy to talk about technical SEO (which I will cover in this article). Still, rarely will you see an article showing how to outrank your competitors.

I helped dozen of my PrestaShop clients to improve SEO ratings, and this article will help you do it.

In this article, we will explore the following:

Basic PrestaShop Technical SEO

When doing technical SEO it is all about things you can easily do yourself while adding new content to your store.

Titles is the essential part of technical SEO. Be sure to provide meaningful, helpful, and sometimes catchy titles. Here is an example when creating a product page:

Bad titleGood title
Product XProduct X (accessories, documentation, and images)

Description is essential also. Make sure not to copy general product information from somewhere else. Copy-pasted text just hurts your SEO, while unique product information can boost your product page a lot.

URL should be short as possible. I have covered URL best practices in a separate blog article.

How configure SEO on PrestaShop Admin
How configure SEO on PrestaShop Admin

Images should be unique and copied from anywhere. Resources like these are usually stolen (copied to other sites), so use watermarks.

I have also covered sitemap building with PrestaShop, which is helpful but entirely optional for technical SEO.

Store page speed is also important and already covered in our blog.

And that covers 90% of technical SEO! The last 10% won’t make much difference if you apply, so focus on the section below when talking about content SEO.

Advanced SEO For PrestaShop

Everybody on the internet is doing technical SEO. Your competitor also.

If you think that having a better PageSpeed score or prettier URLs will help you outrank competitors? I have worked with over 150 stores in my life, and technical SEO never surpasses competitors because everybody is doing technical SEO.

Two things help SEO a lot:

  • Unique content
  • Better content

And if you can mix it – unique & better content – you will outrank your competitors.

But ranking in Google is super slow. So if you update your content to be unique (unique Description, product images), don’t expect that outranking will happen quickly.

These days Google search results are getting closer and closer to real-time. Still, the ranking mechanism (algorithm) is tested on user experience (how many new visitors are entering your page and leaving vs. the same for your competitors’ page).

Ranking change can happen in two to six months. So update your page content and move on to a different page.


SEO is ongoing and time-consuming work. Read more about marketing and SEO in our blog.