Ultimate PrestaShop vs. Shopify Comparison Table

Shopify is a very popular SAAS (Software As A Service) platform in the e-commerce world. Most potential store owners hear it first after they research what software to choose for their e-commerce business.

Now, the question is which is better: PrestaShop or Shopify? If you don’t have much technical knowledge (basic computer skills) and don’t have time to customize and work on your store, Shopify will work great. The only significant limitation is that it is pricey and constrained.

On the other hand, PrestaShop offers a complete customization experience, a cheap startup, and a great community of supporters.

In this article, I will make comparison easier. Let’s take a look at the following:

PrestaShop is Better Than Shopify

Payment platformsUnlimited list of payment servicesLimited to almost 100 popular payment platforms
CheckoutTwo checkout options: step-by-step and one-page checkoutOne checkout flow
PricingYou pay only for hosting and any custom plugins/themesMonthly subscription (expensive!)
InternationalizationLots of languages, RTL support, and moreLimited and works best with the English language
Open sourceYes, you can modify itProprietary, no customizations are allowed
StaffUnlimitedLimited to 15 staff members
BloggingYou have to buy an addonMinimal built-in blog platform
Multi-storeYesNo (one Shopify account means one store)
Commissions per saleNoUp to 2% per sale
ThemesAlmost 3kAlmost 300
Great for beginnersYesYes, but expensive

Shopify is Better Than PrestaShop

InstallationNothing to installYou have to install it manually or use one-click hosting solutions
HostingThey fully host your storeYou have to find hosting and pay for it as a separate expense
UpdatesThey will keep your store up-to-dateYou have to update the store source, add-ons, and themes manually
MaintenanceNothing to manually maintainYou have to configure add-ons and updates manually
Page BuilderYesDoes not have a page builder
SSL certificateYou receive it automaticallyYou have to accept it from the hosting service you use
SitemapAutomatically generatedHas a manual sitemap building feature
Customer supportYesOnly if you are paid, partner
POSYesNo, but can be achieved with paid plugins that are almost 200 USD
Learning curveTakes easier to learn as it is more user friendlyTakes time to learn because of the features list

Common Things Between Shopify And PrestaShop

Mobile friendlyYesYes
Tabled friendlyYesYes
SEO featuresYesYes
Cloud hostingYesYes
Actively developedYesYes
Great for big storesYesYes


This article wasn’t created to confuse you. Instead, it is a detailed comparison to decide what is more essential for your business’s future.

Please keep in mind that if you choose Shopify – you might have difficulty moving to another platform because it is not that easy to export data from it. But you can always export/import data with PrestaShop.

I have compared a few other platforms, see the comparison blog category.