PrestaShop Store Without Add To Cart in Catalog Mode

Sometimes you may opt to remove the “add to cart” button and purchase workflow options on your store .

PrestaShop offers something that is called Catalog Mode. It is a great way to promote your content (products) without any purchase-related features (no “add to cart” button, no checkout or order form, no cart items page).

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How to Disable “Add to Cart Button” in PrestaShop

PrestaShop has a unique Catalog mode feature to disable the Add to Cart button, quantity inputs, and more options related to the entire purchase workflow.

In earlier PrestaShop v1.6 version, you can find the Catalog mode toggle in the back office → Preferences → Products → Catalog mode.

In the recent PrestaShop version, this option is moved to the Shop Parameters → Product Settings page.

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How to Enable Catalog Mode in PrestaShop

Log into your back office, click on Shop Parameters in the sidebar, then the Product Settings menu. This will open the general product settings configuration page.

On this page, you will see the Catalog mode toggle. Once you change the value – hit the Save button down below.

Enable Catalog Mode in PrestaShop
Enable Catalog Mode in PrestaShop

After this application, you should notice a few significant changes in your store. For instance, on the homepage, you will see that the currency and cart buttons are not displayed anymore.

PrestaShop Catalog Mode Preview
PrestaShop Catalog Mode Preview

You will see that the Quantity selection and Add to Cart buttons are gone on the product page.

So with a single option, you have disabled the possibility to make checkouts from your PrestaShop store.

How to Hide Prices in PrestaShop Catalog Mode

If you don’t want to show prices on your store, return to the back office, click on Shop Parameters in the sidebar, and the Product Settings menu will appear.

Ensure you enabled Catalog mode on this page; otherwise, you won’t see the Show prices toggle.

PrestaShop Without Prices Store
PrestaShop Without Prices Store