See who use PrestaShop (over 330k stores)

With so many ecommerce platforms around the web – PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, Wix, and many more – it is hard to figure out what you might want for your business.

I had started a web development business way before PrestaShop was first released (2007) but was able to spot the growing PrestaShop community and popularity.

In this article, I will explore some most popular sites and companies using PrestaShop for their ecommerce:

Top PrestaShop Sites

We can see that PrestaShop is very popular in France – about more than 40% of all sites are related to the country (business is France, domain suffix is .fr or is hosted in France).

For this reason, most top sites are usually reported from France, not United States stores.

There are about 330k PrestaShop stores detected on the web, so listing them all would be insane. For this reason, I will only list some “legit” ones that look great, have lots of traffic, revenue, and were established years ago.

VDD Store

The first one from French would be electronics VDD store.

PrestaShop example site - VDD Store
PrestaShop example site – VDD Store

Almost 150k USD revenue and nearly 1800 beautiful pages, this store shows how suitable PrestaShop is for tech ecommerce.

Janod Store

Another great PrestaShop example would be kid toys store Janod.

PrestaShop example site - Janod Store
PrestaShop example site – Janod Store

This makes a tremendous PrestaShop example store with almost 70k USD revenue, high traffic, and impressive product images quality.

My American Market

American Market Store, located in France, contains more than 10k pages. Impressive, right?

PrestaShop example site - My American Market Store
PrestaShop example site – My American Market Store

Biggest PrestaShop Sites

Only 300 PrestaShop stores are reporting revenue of over 1B USD. A smaller revenue share (less than 50M USD) takes almost 70% of PrestaShop stores.

How Many Sites Are Using PrestaShop

BuiltWith reports 330k PrestaShop stores worldwide detected, and only 90k are from the United States. At the same time, almost 50k are from France.

Top industry running like 15% PrestaShop stores are in retail. Other leading industries are wholesale, information technology, and services —all three sharing 5% of the market share.

US Sites Using Prestashop

There are 90k stores in the United States made with PrestaShop. It would be too hard to explore and shortly introduce all of them.

So below, you will find few US PrestaShop stores randomly selected based on the most extensive traffic or revenue.

Jonas Snowboards

Snowboarding Jones store from the United States making almost 100k USD revenue, high traffic, and beautifully looking store.

PrestaShop example site - Jones Store
PrestaShop example site – Jones Store

Almost 2k pages on their store – impressive!

Sly Fox Brewing

Beer fans will love this store design and authentic images.

PrestaShop example site - Sly Store
PrestaShop example site – Sly Store

This is a super small PrestaShop store with a few pages, but overall, it is a great store to check out.

Other Country Sites Using PrestaShop

PrestaShop can be used for fashion and religion-related stores like Vatican Gift Store. Store from Italy has almost 1k pages to review!

Another store from Australia – Women’s Fashion Store Stelly. Almost 5k pages with really nice pictures for your eyes!

What about China? PrestaShop is used there too, for tech store Viofo. Almost 3k hi-tech gadgets to explore.

Makeup store from Trinidad and Tobago looks excellent too!

As you can see from lots of examples above – PrestaShop is used in various industries.

PrestaShop is a great ecommerce platform and worth your time. Read more our blog to learn more about its features.